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Published on Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Time to beat the drum

Recently, we launched the "M Fund" to support the GMHS Band and to recognize the career contributions of John Marszalek! This is a 100% charitable endowment fund, part of the GM Foundation, which will provide academic scholarships to band members, as well as support for arts events in the GM school district. All donations are fully tax deductible.


Our goal is to raise at least $150,000 by June 8, 2014. This will allow the Fund to provide thousands of dollars in annual benefits each year for many years!


Each donation level also includes several benefits.
$5000 "M" Level
$2000 "Conductor" Level
$1000 "Treble Clef" Level
$500 "Alto Clef" Level
$200 "Bass Clef" Level
$100 "Staff" Level

If you look to M's leadership as a key element of your personal success, and have GM Band in your heart, please consider making a significant donation to the M Fund. You can make a multiple payment pledge, or contribute amounts other than the stated levels.


Donating online:
"M" Fund Endowment Contribution at EB2Gov
Please note that online donations will use a small percentage for credit card processing fees.


Mailing a donation:
Donations can be mailed or delivered to the General McLane Education Center. Please indicate "M Fund" on the check memo or other communication.

The General McLane Foundation
11771 Edinboro Road
Edinboro, PA 16412


Next Steps
1. Determine how much you can donate
2. Decide if you will make a single donation or you will split it up into multiple payments
3. Make your donation today!
4. Post this on your wall so other alumni and M supporters will see and donate!
5. Print and share with others who may not see this promotion on Facebook
6. You can always come back and make another donation later!


E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additional Information

Sponsorship Levels

Bylaws of M Fund

501(c)3 Documentaion

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